Course Syllabus

English I Syllabus


Teacher:  Mrs. Shelley Gordon


Phone:  704-764-2900



English I                     

The English I course provides a foundational study of literary genres (novels, short stories, poetry, drama, literary nonfiction), which may include influential U.S. documents and one Shakespearean play. Interdisciplinary informational writing as well as documented research and speaking
and listening skills will be included along with multimodal presentations.


Required Materials:  pen/pencil, paper, Chromebook


Classroom Rules

All of the rules from the student handbook apply to our classes.  In addition to those, there are three rules we stress for our classroom:

  1. Be on time
  2. Be prepared for class
  3. Be respectful of all people and property


Failure to follow these rules will result in these consequences:

  1. verbal remediation
  2. change of seat
  3. parent contact
  4. referral


Absences and Make-up Work

If a student is excused one day then that student is allowed three days to make up the work missed. It is the student’s responsibility to attain missed assignments/work.  The best time to see Mrs. Gordon about missed work is before school or after school. 


Grading Scale

90% and up     A

80%-89%         B

70%-79%         C

60%-69%         D

Below 60%      F

Course Summary:

Date Details Due